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In inheritance, we are in charge of the estate planning as well as the regulation of inheritances.

Estate Planning

Owners of property in Spain should make provisions due to the sometimes high inheritance tax rates in Spain early for the succession. In the area of estate planning, we place special attention upon the examination of the tax consequences of an inheritance. Our knowledge of Spanish and German inheritance tax law allow us to work for our clients holistic, predictive models that can be adapted to reduce the tax burden in succession.

Gift of real estate in Spain

In the transfer of assets by way of anticipated inheritance, for example, by gift of real estate to ones own children in Spain, we are apt to assist. We handle all of the necessary organisation and completion of contracts in a timely manner and accompany you to the notary appointments or administrative procedures as required.

Of wills

A dynamic estate planning should be constructed with a will graduate.  Our lawyers assist in the designing of the will and prepare the notarisation, settle the estate in Spain and the Spanish inheritance tax declarations.

If an inheritance occurred and belongs to the Spanish real estate assets of the estate, the heirs have to accept the inheritance in Spain before a notary and file a declaration of inheritance tax in Spain within six months after the death of the testator. Our firm advises and supports the entire legal and fiscal control of the estate. We correspond with the German and Spanish dishes discount, correspond with all of the authorities, organise the notarisation of the inheritance of acceptance, create the inheritance tax return and rectify the land register. In assessing the falling in the estate assets, our experience allows us to provide valuable assistance with the Spanish tax authorities.

Inheritance disputes

If there is a dispute between the heir of the dissolution of a community of heirs we are happy and able to act in front of Spanish and German courts to advise you.

We are a member of the Association of inheritance of the German Bar Association