About Us


It is our goal to offer foreign residents and businesses in Spain the best legal and tax-related advice available in Catalonia. We resolve all types of issues as part of our comprehensive service. We provide our clients with a contact person within our firm who speaks their language and understands the differences in mentality between the citizens in their own country and the Spanish people.  Expat clients do not have to choose between the law firm that speaks their language or the law firm that has native Spanish/Catalan lawyers, we provide both seamlessly.

We believe that everyone should feel at home in Spain and be able to enjoy their stay without having to worry about Spanish bureaucracy and possible misunderstandings. Through our cooperation with partners in Germany and Switzerland we offer our clients the possibility to settle issues extending into these countries without having to travel there.

The organisation of the firm as well as the processing of the mandates corresponds with Central European Standard. Our lawyers advise on the differences in Spanish and Central European Business to entrepreneurs and guide them from the beginning in the development of their business activities in Spain.